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I am having abdominal pain is it normal in 6th week?

Hi I am 6 weeks now . I am having abdominal pain.  At times cramps on right or left side, for a day it was just under belly button and now above belly button and some pressure on the lower abdomen with more discharge than before pregnancy. It is my first time so I am little worried . Is anyone else feeling the same?

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Re: I am having abdominal pain is it normal in 6th week?

I did feel something like that with both of my pregnancies. With my first, I had a lot of cramping and my doctor had me come in (I was 6 weeks along) to do a vaginal ultrasound and check on things.  Al was fine.  With my 2nd, I had really bad cramps around 5-6 weeks but all was fine then as well.  Since every pregnancy is different, I would call your doctor's nurse to let them know and let them guide you just to be sure. 

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