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Re: Tell us about your funny kiddos!

^^^ { Riley, age 3, Louisa Virginia } :smileywink:
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Re: Tell us about your funny kiddos!

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My 5 year old son asked me the other day " mom, when i came out of your belly were daddy and i already best friends?"

So cute!,,,

Stephanie T.
Son milo, age 5
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Re: Tell us about your funny kiddos!

I keep a journal for each of my kids recording some of the cute things they do or say over the years. These are some of my favorites:

At 4 months pregnant, my 6 yr old Brooke excitedly tells me "Look Mom! Baby is growing in your hips too!"

My 4 yr old Haley wrote a bunch of random letters on a paper, some of them backwards, then ran over to show them to me and asked what they spelled. Distracted I said "i dont know Haley, it looks Russian to me." She proudly walked over to show sister her paper and said "look Brookie! I wrote that we in a rush!"

Brooke- "Mommy, I know what the brown part of a tree is called. It's the Rufff!"

Haley at age 3, after I asked if she wet her pants. "No Mommy! I not pee my pants! I not poop my pants! See?! I wearing a skirt!" (Future lawyer!)

Brooke asked how old I was and I decided a little lie wouldnt hurt, so I told her 21. She says "Cool! I cant wait until I'm 21 and I have 3 kids!"

Rushing to get everyone dressed and out the door my 3 yr old Haley asks "what can I do Mommy?" Flustered I mumbled "get Mommy a jack & coke?" She yelled OK! and ran off leaving me worrying about whether she knew i was joking until she came running back with arms full saying "Here you go Mommy! Heres you jacket, and heres you coat!"

I recommend starting a similar journal for your kiddos. They love hearing the funny stories just as much as I love remembering them.
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Re: Tell us about your funny kiddos!

So funny!
~ Christine ~
Mom to a sweet little girl and 2 busy boys
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Re: Tell us about your funny kiddos!

Lucian is constantly doing or saying things that make me laugh.  When he was 4 years old we were driving to his grandparent’s home and he kept craning his neck to look out of the back window.  I told him several times to look out of the sides so as to not hurt his neck, but he refused.  After several times of admonishing him, I told him to ‘look out of the side windows goofy, you’ll see the same thing”.  He looked at me indignantly and replied, “I’m not goofy, I’m Mickey Mouse!”

This is not a funny story but one that is still very sweet.  Recently on a trip to Wal-Mart we passed a heavy set woman riding an electric cart.  She looked so sad.  Lucian pulled his hand out of mine, turned around, walked back to her and threw his arms around her, gave her a big hug, kissed her cheek, told her she was beautiful (and past gorgeous) and that he loved her.  Her face lit up as she hugged him back and you could see that it made her feel so much happier.

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