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37 weeks and contractions for 2days. advice!!!!

While I am having constant contraxtions all day and night they r not constant , but is it normal for them to b for 2days ? I am scheldled for c section on tge 21st of dec. So 10 days but should I b worried or is this part of it?
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Re: 37 weeks and contractions for 2days. advice!!!!

Maybe just Braxton Hicks if they aren't coming regularly?

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Re: 37 weeks and contractions for 2days. advice!!!!

I would call your OB and talk to him about it. With my last pregnancy I had contractions off and on from 37w to 40w4d when I delivered. They weren't Braxton Hicks but the progression was really slow from them. The best explanation I got for why I went through the last month like that was because my baby was malpositioned, so it was my body's way of turning her into the correct position and then once she was in the right spot they'd stop until she moved into the wrong position again. If you are feeling a lot of kicks in your tummy going out instead of in your ribs or your c-sec is scheduled due to breech or transverse positioning, I'd check out the spinning babies website for sure! It will have some things you can do during contractions to help the baby turn into the correct position and if she's ready either labor will start and if she's not the contractions will stop once she turns.
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