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Survey: How Many Ultrasounds Have You Had?

I only had one ultrasound at 20 weeks with my daughter. Everything looked good, so the midwife didn't think any others were necessary and my insurance wouldn't have covered it if I elected to have another done. How many ultrasounds have you had? Was it because of a high-risk pregnancy? Did anyone have the 3-D ultrasound? 

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Re: Survey: How Many Ultrasounds Have You Had?

I had 2 ultrasounds with my son.  The first was very early on because I was cramping and the dr. was concerned.  The 2nd was at 22 weeks to check on him and determine his gender.  With my daughter, I had more ultrasounds than I can count.  My pregnancy with her was rough in the beginning and I know for a fact that I had 4 ultrasounds before I was even 9.5 weeks along.  Many more throughout and we paid for the 3D/4D. I ended up having to go back on that one because she wouldn't cooperate the first time. :smileyhappy:

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