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Alix: The first trimester exhaustion was KILLER for me!! I had work and classes to deal with, I was so exhausted, I would be in bed, conked out by 8pm. LOL. The fuzzy brained feeling has yet to subside for me :smileywink: lol.


Tara: Yay for O'ing on your own!! Better go get some homework and extra credit in there :smileywink: time to catch that eggie on your own with no meds :smileyvery-happy:


and heck no.. even if it was caused by BDing, I wouldnt dare tell him that, He'd go right back into his once a week routine, and i think ive finally broke that for awhile.. which is probably why my hoohoo has no idea whats going on down there. lol.


Isra: Busy Busy lady!! Good luck with your move though! I love moving! Chris has been talking about us moving to Tennessee after i graduate next year, which i am excited about!


afm-i took azo earlier and have been resting, and seem to be better. Even felt halfway decent enough to go to the pool with Layla for awhile and now watching her jump like crazy in her jumperoo.

I am pretty tired as well.

Layla turned 10 months old today! Finally been out longer than she was in!! LOL

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